About Us

The ANVMC is open to everyone regardless of sex or ancestry as long as they realize and demonstrate a desire to further theĀ memory of the Confederate soldier. We strive to honor the SCV charge (although we are NOT affiliated with the SCV). Most of our members are current Sons of Confederate Veterans. We also Encourage that you join the S.C.V, but it is not a Requirement. Our membership is made up of but not limited to SCV / OCR / UDC / MOSB / HPA and the VIRGINIA FLAGGERS and anyone who wishes to PRESERVE, PROMOTE and PROTECT our SOUTHERN HERITAGE.

THERE is no Requirement that you own a motorcycle, (we are not a motorcycle club), although a large portion of our members do currently Ride.

(Mechanized) = To Equip with Mechanize – ie. Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, etc.

The ANVMC Encourages the Display of their logo (ANV Patch) at all events deemed appropriate by the Individual member.

It is our mission:

To protect Confederate History from those who would rewrite it to try and denigrate & slander the name of the thousands of good and honest Southern people, who were defending their homes and families from a tyrannical government in 1861, and to this very day…The 2nd War of Independence.

Major Willie Wells