Request Made at VA Division Convention

The Edmund Ruffin Fire Eater Camp # 3000 requested the following documentation at the Virginia Division Convention on April 18th, 2015.
  • A copy of the July 2012 detailed plan for Oakwood Confederate Cemetery.
  • A copy or posting of the grave designations and confirmed names to be supplied to the Veterans Administration.
  • A copy of the agreement with the City of Richmond to continue the maintenance of the Confederate Section in Oakwood Cemetery.

Tracy Clary would not make a decision and stated the Oakwood Restoration Committee and the Division Executive Committee would take the matter under advisement. Six weeks later we continue to wait for documents that should be available to all members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Without accountability and transparency from the leadership of the Virginia Division and its committees, there is an appearance of deceit. Please act honorably and release the documents you use as justification for not allowing trash pickup, pruning branches that have overgrown our ancestors graves and rebuilding a City owned gate with SCV monies.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in July.


Edmund Ruffin Fire Eaters Camp # 30000